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"The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay". 

Henry Ford


Master your mindset for superior performance.

One of the main barriers to business success lies in the mindset of employees. Often, limiting beliefs, a lack of self-understanding, and disconnection from internal emotions prevent individuals from reaching their full potential and performing at their best, thus affecting the productivity and success of the entire organization.


In this context, a growth mindset is not just a trend; it is a necessity. Companies that do not invest in the mental and emotional well-being of their employees risk falling behind, while those that understand and embrace the power of positive and proactive thinking are destined to lead and thrive in the market.

enhanced team performance

Purpose of the Course

The primary purpose of this course is to facilitate a transformative process that benefits both employees and companies, creating an environment of mutual growth. For employees, we aim to enhance personal skills, cultivate a mindset of success, and improve overall well-being, resulting in increased confidence, motivation, and productivity. For companies, the goal is to have a more committed, resilient, and proactive team, capable of facing challenges with innovation and efficiency. In essence, we aspire to create a synergy where individual development translates into collective success, establishing a virtuous cycle of benefit and continuous improvement for all involved.

Why invest in this Course? What's in it for the Company?

increased productivity
  • Increased Productivity

  • Reduced Employee Turnover

  • Cultivation of a Culture of Responsibility

  • Improved Team Dynamics

  • Leadership Development

  • Enhanced Creativity

  • Reduction in Absences

  • Improved Company Brand

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

  • Compliance with Psychosocial Risk Regulations

After employees complete the course, the company will observe a series of tangible changes and transformations reflecting the program's effectiveness. Some of the noticeable differences include:

  • Increased Productivity and Focus

  • Improved Decision Making

  • Enhanced Collaboration

  • Reduction in Staff Turnover

  • Better Stress Management

  • Increase in Innovation

  • Alignment with Company Goals


These changes will not only improve the atmosphere and efficiency in the workplace but will also be reflected in the bottom line, making this investment in the personal and professional development of employees a strategic long-term decision for the company.

Investment, Duration and Modality

Price: USD$5000.00

This price covers the participation of up to 20 employees, thus ensuring that each participant receives adequate attention and maintaining the quality and effectiveness of the program.

Duration:  10 hours


  • Weekly Lessons: The content is spread over 4 weekly sessions, each lasting 2.5 hours. This format offers participants the benefit of gradually absorbing and applying what they have learned. The break between sessions allows a 7-day period to integrate and experiment with the tools and concepts before moving on to the next modules.


  • Intensive: For those companies seeking a more direct and deeper immersion in the content, we offer the intensive option consisting of 3 sessions during the course of 1 week, each lasting 3.5 hours.

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