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linda danon

I embarked on my journey in law school with the noble intention of making a difference in people's lives. However, as I delved deeper into the field, I realized that my true passion lay elsewhere. My desire to help others never wavered, but I discovered that the legal profession was not the right avenue for me.

In my quest to find a meaningful way to contribute to society, I turned my attention to working with children. It was during this time that I gained invaluable insights. I came to understand that education forms the bedrock of our society, as Nelson Mandela aptly said, "Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world." Furthermore, I observed how our childhood experiences shape our beliefs and behaviors, often leading to self-imposed limitations that persist into adulthood.

My personal journey of transformation spans nearly two decades. It's been a profound exploration of self, during which I've manifested my dream life: finding true love, building a successful and meaningful career, and becoming a mother. I've healed past wounds and let go of obstacles blocking my path to fulfillment. Through this process, I've learned the arts of forgiveness, release, and maintaining a high vibrational mindset, regardless of external circumstances.

Combining my passion for helping others, my desire to serve humanity, and my joy for personal growth and transformation, I've reached where I am today. I am now a certified RTT practitioner trained by Marisa Peer, a certified life coach with Mindvalley, and an Infinite Possibilities Trainer with Mike Dooley. Additionally, I find great joy in writing, sharing my learnings and experiences to help others through my writings.

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My Books 

aligned linda danon

"Aligned" is a collection of poems  and it's a voyage into the depths of personal growth and the complexities of human existence. It captures the intricate journey of a spiritual being traversing through relationships, unveiling universal truths, and engaging in deep self-reflection. Each poem stands as a beacon of personal growth, reflecting moments of introspection, healing, and profound realization.

At its core, "Aligned" is a testament to my journey of transformation. It's an ode to the alignment of mind, body, and soul, achieved through battles fought, relationships nurtured, and wisdom gained. Through its poetic revelations, the collection offers a mirror, reflecting the universal truths and personal growth pathways that bind and guide us all. Embrace this poetic journey—one that resonates with the spirit of personal growth, celebrating our shared human experience.


Join me every week for an insightful blog post that promises to inspire. And, okay, every once in a while I might slide in an offer – but only for things I genuinely believe can enhance your life. And hey, if you disagree? Just hit the ol' delete button and we're still good. 😉

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