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Awakening the Extraordinary: A Quest for Authentic Awesomeness

Buckle up, adventurers! This rollercoaster of self-discovery is about to take you on a wild ride. I'll share how I uncovered the hidden gems of my authentic awesomeness amidst the twists and turns of life. Throughout my personal growth journey, I've spent most of my time seeking answers. However, a 17-day trip I took a couple of weeks ago became a powerful culmination of that search, confirming that I am on the right path, in alignment with my soul's purpose, and living the life of my dreams. Join me as I share the exhilarating experience of attending Mindvalley University, exploring new countries, meeting incredible people, and embracing authenticity like never before.

A couple of weeks ago, I returned from 17 days of pure bliss, completely in my element. Traveling with a friend, I had the opportunity to see new countries, explore new cities, meet the most amazing people, savor delicious food, and learn from the absolute best of the best.

I went to Mindvalley University in Tallinn, Estonia, for one week and spent a few more days in Helsinki, Finland. For those of you who don't know what Mindvalley University is, let's start there because it was the catalyst for this amazing trip.

Mindvalley University is like a summer camp for adults and families! They even have programs for children from ages 3 to 18. During these three weeks, the best teachers from all over the world, covering various subjects for personal and business development, come together in Tallinn. Thousands of like-minded people from across the globe join in to learn, grow, connect, and transform, all while having loads of fun, laughing, creating, and even partying.

This event is hosted by Mindvalley, an online platform where you can learn everything that schools did not and still do not teach, but that life requires. Vishen Lakhiani, CEO and founder of Mindvalley, is one of the few people in the world who not only has a clear understanding of how the current education systems worldwide, at all levels, are lacking and obsolete, but is also actively doing something about it. That is what Mindvalley and Mindvalley University are all about.

So, no, I don't work for Mindvalley, although it may have seemed that way. I am just a very proud and enthusiastic member. However, that is not the main subject of this article. What I want to talk about is how that experience has given me new perspective and clarity about myself. I've gained insights into who I am, who I am building myself to be, how I present myself to the world, how I think of myself, how I interact with others, and how I live my life.

The biggest chunks of growth we experience often happen outside of our daily routines. They occur when we immerse ourselves in new environments, meet new people, and put ourselves in places that are way out of our comfort zone. These moments of clarity don't come often; we have to create them. When we do, we must embrace every single bit of information they give us, every hint, every clue, every feeling, and every message, using it to our advantage.

That is precisely what I did for 17 days. From the moment I said goodbye to my family in Cuernavaca, Mexico, and jumped on the bus straight to the airport, until the minute I stepped off that bus, I allowed myself to truly be myself. I had forgotten what it felt like to not be doing something for someone else all the time, and instantly reconnected with my adventurous spirit, taking flight.

Traveling with a friend, I allowed myself to be vulnerable, raw, and human. It felt amazing, real, and natural. I met new people and presented myself as the version I see in my visualizations, in my dreams. I released all judgment and forgot about the fear of what others might think. I allowed myself to play, have fun, be spontaneous, be humble, and learn as much as I could. I embraced the excitement of meeting my teachers and mentors, daring to walk up to them and express my admiration and gratitude, and of course, asking for a picture. But most importantly, I allowed myself to let go, to be free, to dance, to laugh, to flow, to live, and to thrive.

The result, the message, the one thing that all of these unbelievable experiences gave me, was CONFIRMATION. Confirmation that I am on the right path, that everything I want is happening, that I have a talent, a gift, a message, and that I am here to share it and help others unleash their truest potential, using their superpowers to deliberately create the life of their dreams because everything, absolutely everything, is available to you, to me, to us, to everyone. We all deserve the very best that this world and this life have to offer.

Dear adventurers, as I reflect on my transformative journey of embracing authentic awesomeness, I invite each of you to embark on your own odyssey of self-discovery. Step beyond the ordinary and explore the extraordinary within yourselves. Embrace vulnerability, for it is the key that unlocks your true potential.

Venture into new territories, where the air is charged with possibility, and let the winds of passion carry you to unexplored shores. Cherish every encounter, for each person you meet reflects a mirror that reveals your true self.

Life, like a wondrous mosaic, pieces together moments of joy and challenges, each contributing to the masterpiece of your existence. Embrace the highs and lows, for they add depth and color to your unique artwork.

You possess an inner light, like a radiant gem illuminating the darkness and it is your responsibility to allow it to shine brightly and illuminate those in need of inspiration to discover their own brilliance.

Dear adventurers, you are the authors of your own legends. Embrace the magic of your existence and savor the enchantment of every moment. Paint your story with hues of courage, love, and authenticity.

Now, with stars in your eyes and the universe in your heart, let your journey of authentic awesomeness unfold. The world eagerly anticipates the masterpiece that is you. Embrace your uniqueness, for it holds the power to inspire and transform lives.

Nägemist 🫶🏻



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