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Beyond the GPS: Recalculating Reality When Life Doesn't Go as Planned

Before Waze, I remember my days as a law clerk, (a.k.a. intern) when I was still studying. They sent me all over Mexico City, one of the world's largest cities, to have documents signed and perform other intern duties. I remember the distressing trips to unfamiliar places. Armed only with precise written instructions on paper, any mistake or unexpected event would send me into a panic. Back then, not knowing who to trust or whom to ask for help on the street, it was really terrifying.


Nowadays, with blessed Waze, driving even through unknown cities has become a piece of cake. The safety of the "recalculating" (in the voice of a Spanish man) every time I make a mistake or encounter unforeseen circumstances instills deep trust and faith that, no matter what, I will reach my destination.


But I'm not here to delve into the workings of GPS technology nor do I work for Waze 😉; I'm here to talk about what this "recalculating" means, which is how I've lived the last two decades of my life: constantly rerouting, sometimes caught in panic due to unexpected events, other times amazed and grateful for the changes in route. Often, I just let go, trusting that the universe (my metaphorical GPS) knows where I want to go and is guiding me in one way or another. This journey has been incredibly enriching, marked by significant growth and learning.


Reflecting on my university years, I had meticulously planned out the next five years, which would eventually extend to a 10, 15, and 20-year plan, culminating in what I believed would be my happily ever after. However, much of what I thought I wanted and aspired to was not really mine, starting with studying law. Each decision I made triggered a series of events and further decisions that diverted my life towards confused dreams, dreams I thought were mine but were not.


Fortunately, along the way, I began to realize that I wasn't really aligned with my "plan." The closer I got, the more I realized that it wasn't what I wanted, it didn't fulfill me, it didn't give me satisfaction, I wasn't happy. In retrospect, I see that this misalignment was necessary for me to be here today, doing what I love. But let me tell you, it didn't feel that way at the time. Every failed plan or unmet expectation (and there were many) felt like being steamrolled. It was painful, lonely, confusing, disappointing, and demotivating. However, all these experiences were part of life's journey, emphasizing the journey itself more than the destination.

Have I made mistakes? Absolutely, countless. Have I made "bad" decisions? Yes, many. Do I regret it? Not at all! Would I do it all over again? Essentially, yes. Reflecting on how much I've learned and grown along the way is undoubtedly one of my most significant achievements. I appreciate who I was back then, considering what I knew, where I was, and what I was doing. But I love who I am now: my resilience, my curiosity, my relentless pursuit of improvement, my tenacity, my adaptability, my new perspective on life, and the flexibility that comes from recognizing my own power to continually reshape my life by reshaping my thoughts.

 And that's precisely why I'm here, for myself and for others. To guide those in need, to be the mirror for those who have not yet seen their true selves, to share my experiences with those in pain, and to spread my discoveries, findings, theses, conclusions, and wisdom to all those who seek a sense of purpose and happiness by will and choice, regardless of the circumstances. To be here when you encounter those "recalculatings" and help you get through them, not just without panic, but with actual enjoyment and gratitude.


As we continue to navigate the unpredictable roads of life, remember to trust in your own internal GPS. Just as we rely on technology to safely reroute us when we stray from our planned path, we can also trust in our resilience and adaptability to guide us through life's unexpected turns. Each reroute, each recalibration is not merely a detour; it is an opportunity for growth, discovery, and realizing that sometimes, the unexpected routes lead us to the most extraordinary destinations. Embrace these moments with the same faith and anticipation with which you watch your GPS lead you through unknown territories.


Thank you again for being part of this journey. Thank you for taking the time to read and connect with me. Thank you for engaging in this dialogue with me.


I will continue to ask—without expectation and without shame—if you have something you'd like to share, please do so in the comments below. 🥸



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