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Changing Emotions as Fast as a Swipe: Emotional Transitions in the Blink of an Eye

What sets us apart as human beings, distinguishing us from animals and marking our uniqueness on planet Earth? The answer lies within our emotions.


Do emotions solely belong to the human world, or could they extend into the realm of souls? It's a question that delves into duality. Perhaps, as souls, we understand and experience emotions, albeit primarily positive ones like love, compassion, and joy. It seems unlikely that souls harbor anger, take things personally, or grapple with shame and guilt. At least, that's my perspective.


In light of this, being human on Earth is undeniably linked to emotions, feelings, and the art of mastering them. The challenge lies in not allowing our emotions to dictate our lives.


Emotions form an integral part of our mission on Earth, deeply rooted in the purpose of our incarnation. We must strive to become masters of our emotions. I, for one, have embarked on this journey, although I'm far from achieving mastery. Every day, I am my own hypothesis, my own experiment, my own thesis, and I'm here to share my findings.


As a mother to a three-year-old daughter, I've been flabbergasted by her ability to swiftly transition from one emotion to another. She can be the happiest child on Earth one moment and, seemingly out of nowhere (though it's something significant to her), transform into an angry, crying tantrum-thrower. But just as suddenly, she can revert to being content and joyful. There's no lingering resentment, no arduous transition, no self-imposed emotional barriers.


We adults, however, often struggle to smoothly shift from distress to happiness and love. I can personally attest to the difficulty of this transition. I recall being ten or eleven, wrestling with anger and finding it nearly impossible to let go. I felt consumed by anger because I didn't know any better.

Today, after everything I’ve learned, I still find it challenging at times but definitely worthwhile to change my emotional state. I understand that it all begins with recognizing the messages our emotions convey and comprehending that these emotions stem from our thoughts.

 For instance, imagine having an argument with your partner that suddenly leaves you seething with anger. The way both of you react in that moment can shape the course of the entire day. In the past, I used to surrender to my emotions, allowing them to dictate my mood for the day. I acted on autopilot, devoid of self-awareness, a victim of my own ego.


Now, by staying mindful and anchored in the present, by scrutinizing my thoughts, and by choosing them wisely, I regain control. When anger arises, I acknowledge it and ask myself, "Why am I feeling this way? What does this anger signify?" I pay close attention to my thoughts, realizing that I'm interpreting my partner's actions as undermining or closed-minded.


In this moment, I have a choice: Do I accept these thoughts as truth, or do I challenge them, as Byron Katie suggests? I inquire, "Is this thought true? Do I possess concrete evidence that my partner is behaving as I perceive, or is this merely my interpretation? Can I view the situation from a different perspective? Are there alternative viewpoints that would make me feel better?"


Indeed, there are numerous perspectives to consider. I choose one that allows for the possibility that my partner, like me, holds good intentions. It's okay if we don't see eye to eye; we each have our own viewpoints. And just like that, the anger dissipates, vanishing as swiftly as it does with my daughter.


We all possess this power because it's inherent in our nature, our essence. Babies, in particular, embody this essence more closely, while adults have been inundated by countless influences and have spent years as captives of their egos.

Let's strive to emulate babies, effortlessly shifting our emotions as we do our underwear. We have this power within us. Let's heed the messages our emotions convey, express gratitude for them, release them, and reshape our thoughts to feel incredible all the time.
Can you envision a world where people are consistently happy, joyful, loving, friendly, kind, and compassionate? I can, and I aspire to be a part of it by starting with myself.

Until then, I bid you adieu.✌🏼



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