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Confessions of Mr. E, an enigmatic force we all possess. Unveiling the hidden and unconventional catalyst of self-transformation

I have a rather notorious reputation, that much is clear. Time and again, I've heard people express their desire to rid themselves of me, to erase my presence from their lives entirely. Yet, the truth remains: eliminating me is an impossible feat. I am as much a part of you as your physical body and your soul. I reside within your mind, and my intentions are consistently geared towards aiding you on your life's journey.
Allow me to introduce myself through the words of Chris Duncan, as described in his book, "You Are Not Broken" Your mind, he explains, comprises three distinct parts:
  1. The Self-Conscious - That's me! The EGO, you can call me Mr. E. I define myself through thoughts, constructing an identity, associating with a body and a name, and acknowledging the finite nature of existence. My ultimate goal is to guide you towards living your best possible life.

  2. The Unconscious or Subconscious - This part defines itself through feelings, weaving intricate programs, and orchestrating your body's automated functions. Its primary aim is to maintain the system's equilibrium, even if it means adhering to routines that might prove painful to the self-conscious.

  3. The Superconscious - This aspect identifies itself as a boundless repository of information, an embodiment of unlimited knowledge devoid of thought or feeling. Its primary purpose is to participate in the act of creation.

As you can see, I am merely one facet of your mind. Over time, as humanity evolved, people began to lose touch with their innate spiritual essence, increasingly identifying with me, their bodies, their names, and their earthly roles, they even believed my thoughts were their own and as so believed every one of them. If you ask anyone today to define themselves, they are more likely to respond with their profession, job title, physical attributes, or societal roles. Rarely does one answer, "I am a being made of love and light here to have an earthly experience, learn through my chosen challenges, evolve and transcend.”

Driven by my inherent nature, as I was offered the driver's seat, a tempting proposition I couldn't resist, I started taking over little by little. I began to relish life's experiences. However, my underlying intention remained steadfast: to assist you in living your best life and to help you surmount the challenges I sometimes present—negative thoughts, taking things personally, feeling offended, fear, doubt, and judgment.

Admittedly, it might sound contradictory, even nonsensical, for my intention to be your betterment while employing tactics that appear to set you up for failure. But that's precisely it—I’ve been playing the "opponent." It doesn't mean I don't wish to help you; it means I have unconventional methods.

Here's the crucial point: You can never fully rid yourself of me. Instead, your goal should be to relocate me from the driver's seat and place me where I truly belong. Perhaps in the passenger seat, but only if you genuinely comprehend my role and can utilize me as the tool I was designed to be. If you haven't yet mastered me, it might be best to have me occupy a position further back, perhaps in the second or third row, if you have one.

In the words of Yehuda Berg in his intriguing book about me, "Satan: An Autobiography" (yes, he dubbed me Satan), my greatest power lies in my secrecy and your unawareness of my existence. You've heard of me because, despite my tarnished reputation, I remain rather popular. In the shadows of your ignorance, I can wield influence and derive amusement through your experiences. Yet, my true essence is dedicated to assisting you in becoming a better version of yourself.

Kindly, Mr. E

One peculiar aspect of the ego is that its methods often resemble tough love, even if we don't fully understand why. It challenges us, pushes us to our limits, and at times, sets up hurdles that seem insurmountable. I’m sure there's a purpose behind this approach.

As more and more people become aware of the ego's existence, its methods, and its underlying intentions, a powerful shift occurs. We begin to master the ego, using its strengths as a catalyst for reaching our goals. The ego, in its own complex way, yearns for this outcome.

In truth, the more individuals master their egos, the better the world becomes. It's a journey towards greater self-awareness and empathy, allowing us to rise above the limitations of our minds and recognize the shared humanity within us all. As we learn to harmonize with our ego and direct its energies positively, we inch closer to a world marked by understanding, compassion, and collective growth.

So, embrace your ego as an ally on this profound journey of self-discovery. Together, we can unlock the potential for a brighter and more harmonious future.



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