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Cracking the Code of Reality: The Surprising Truth Behind Achieving Absolutely Anything

Have you ever pondered what it truly takes to achieve everything you desire in life? I certainly have, for countless years. I've searched high and low, seeking, doing, and striving relentlessly. But now, at long last, I've stumbled upon the answer.

In one succinct, straightforward word, the answer is "Faith". Yes, faith – it may sound simple, but it's far from easy. Don't fret, though, because I'm here to offer a comprehensive explanation (I hope 😬).

Let me clarify why it's simple yet challenging. "Simple" denotes something that's uncomplicated and easily grasped, while "easy" suggests something that's achieved without effort. However, faith requires effort, and I'll soon explain what kind of effort precisely.

Our world, this Earth where we live as human beings, governed by universal and unchanging laws, operates with unwavering consistency whether we understand them or not, whether we are aware of them or not. Those who don't comprehend these laws are less likely to attain their ultimate desires. Some might achieve their goals with tremendous hard work, but those who understand these laws can easily manifest their desires. This is precisely where I find myself in my current journey. I'm on the verge of becoming a powerful manifestor.

Now, what is faith? What do you think of when you hear the word "faith"? Most people associate it with God or any higher power, religion. According to the dictionary, faith is "complete trust or confidence in someone or something". For the purpose of this article and my life-altering revelation, let's stick to this definition.

When I assert that faith is the key to obtaining the life we desire, I mean having complete trust and confidence in the mechanics, the laws, and the rules of the world, the mind, and our existence as spiritual beings living an earthly life. This is where it becomes slightly more challenging, but not complex, right? While easily comprehensible, it undeniably demands substantial effort. Now, let's discuss the type of effort required.

So, which rules and laws am I referring to? First and foremost, I refer to what I call the "magic formula":

thoughts generate feelings --> feelings drive actions --> actions yield results.

In essence, our thoughts shape our outcomes. What we think about, we attract, create, and ultimately become. It's simple, isn't it? However, the challenge lies in the fact that we've been conditioned since birth to harbor thoughts that aren't in our best interest, often conflicting with the lives we aim to create. These thoughts that we think over and over and over again are called beliefs and are the essence that sprinkles our every thought. When we fall short of our desires, it's typically due to an abundance of limiting beliefs.

The second law is the law of cause and effect, also known as the law of attraction and the law of resonance. It asserts that what we give, we receive in return. My actions, behavior, and demeanor determine what I attract. When I emanate love, gratitude, and abundance, that's what I draw towards me. Conversely, if I'm unpleasant, rude, agitated, and complain about what I lack, I'll only attract more of the same.

The key to mastering these laws is learning how to invoke the feelings and vibrations that would naturally arise from having already achieved our desires here and now, even when we haven't yet attained them. Being able to generate these feelings at will and pretending as if it has already happened is the secret to manifestation. This is because the mind doesn't operate within the confines of time and space like the ego or the physical body, and neither does the universe. It's all about physics – like attracts like. The effort here lies in feeling something we wouldn't naturally feel yet in order to resonate with what we want.

To make the most of this law, we must always bear in mind that we are constantly making choices. I am perpetually choosing how to react, what to think, and what to feel (based on my thoughts). Even when it seems that circumstances control me and I'm merely reacting, I'm still making a choice – the choice to be unaware, to surrender to my ego, and to assume the role of a victim. Alternatively, I can opt to respond to life's challenges, viewing them as opportunities for growth and using pain as a catalyst for transformation.

Thirdly, we must consider the rules of the mind. There are numerous mind-related rules, and if you enroll in my courses, you'll gain a much deeper understanding and access to various tools. For the purposes of this article, I'll focus on one key concept: our subconscious mind is like a genie. It doesn't judge, choose, or jest – it simply fulfills what it believes we desire. These beliefs are derived from our thoughts, the images we create in our minds, and the words we say to ourselves and others. They serve as the genie's blueprints. So, if I casually exclaim, "I’m getting fat just by looking at that cake," poof – my wish is granted. If I harbor thoughts like "I'm not good enough," poof – my wish is granted. Even if I visualize money but associate it with scarcity, poof – my wish is granted.

Lastly, let's delve into neuroplasticity, the brain's incredible capacity to rewire itself by forging new neural connections. We harness this phenomenon, coupled with the mind's ability to learn through repetition, to create fresh thoughts, beliefs, and outcomes. It's simple in theory, yet it necessitates effort.

For all you science enthusiasts out there, rest assured that everything I've outlined here is firmly grounded in real science, particularly quantum physics – the juncture where science converges with spirituality.

Returning to the subject of faith, I've discovered that the stronger and more genuine my faith becomes, in conjunction with the effort I invest (currently distributed at about 60% inner work and 40% outer work, with aspirations of shifting to 80% inner work and 20% outer work), the closer I draw to realizing the life of my dreams.

My journey with faith mirrors training for a marathon. It commences with small, attainable steps – I vividly recall my initial 5k run, which left me breathless after 45 minutes. Over time, it transformed into a 25-minute piece of cake run. I gradually accumulated knowledge, engaged in simple exercises that filled my faith reservoir bit by bit, and actively studied and comprehended the laws, applying them and observing the ensuing results. This process has fortified and solidified my faith.

As Esther Hicks aptly puts it:

"There are no happier people on this planet than those who decide that they want something, define what they want, and conjure the feeling of having it even before its manifestation. Then, they joyously watch as it unfolds, piece by piece by piece – like their hands molding clay."

My hands are unquestionably immersed in that clay, and they shall remain so throughout my beautiful, fulfilled, purposeful, joyful, abundant, and loving life. And my mission is to guide and teach you through your transformative journey, to get your hands in the clay and create the life you maybe still can’t even imagine.

For now, I say goodbye, with love and faith hoping that soon there'll be more of us walking these paths, putting our hands in the clay to create incredible lives, filled with peace, love and unity. 🥰👋🏻

And remember, sharing is caring. If you like what you read or think someone else might benefit from reading this article, please share it.



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