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Cracking Why Many Resist Healing: Just a Marketing Problem. Exploring the enigma behind the reluctance to heal, revealing how perception and marketing have shaped our response to personal growth.

I have discovered something fundamental in our understanding of the healing process: it's really not about healing, but about growing, learning, and evolving. Witness the art of reinterpretation.

Healing, according to the dictionary definition, is the process of "restoring lost health or repairing what is damaged”. To heal, then, would imply accepting that something within us is broken or damaged, and to assume that our past experiences broke us is absolutely false! This is precisely why so many people refuse to go through this process, to “heal”—it doesn't resonate with them because they know they are not broken.

What would happen if we change the perspective? If, instead of focusing on the concept of healing, we concentrate on growing, learning, and evolving. The dynamics would radically change. I am sure this rebranding will make it much more popular, and trendier, and consequently, we will have more happy people.

To grow, learn, and evolve implies change. And change is the only constant, the only certainty in the world. The energy of our emotions is a clear example of how change is a vital and necessary constant. We cannot simply eliminate our emotions; they are energy and, as such, they transform. Emotions that are not felt, that we keep and evade, do not disappear; on the contrary, they transform into something toxic for the body and mind, accumulating harmful effects that will eventually demand to be addressed, one way or another.

In nature, the only certainty is change, and so is life, and so are we. Health implies change, movement. An example of this is water, what do you prefer, running water or stagnant water? Stagnant water becomes poison for the body. In the same way, our stagnant beliefs, thoughts, and emotions poison us. If you find yourself stuck or trapped in a cycle, this indicates resistance to your own evolutionary nature. Without change, limiting beliefs settle in and without being questioned or renewed, they can contaminate our mind and soul. To grow, learn, and evolve is to embody that change. It means letting go of obsolete ideas, adopting new perspectives, adjusting the lenses with which we view life, and being willing to change paths to improve our journey.

These limiting beliefs must be released, rewritten, and reprogrammed. This liberation process is what I have called to grearnvolve. It means facing and dismantling our limiting beliefs by understanding their origin and revisiting the moment in our past where they were formed to re-analyze, reinterpret, and free ourselves from their harmful effects and the consequences of that previous interpretation.

I recently learned an important and valuable lesson for my life. I became aware that attempts at control and apprehension were dictating some of my actions, likely emerging from the insecurities I experienced in my childhood. Being able to see this is growth, and I have learned that the lesson is in letting go, as the famous saying goes, “let go and let God.”

To understand that I cannot, nor should I, control all situations or people around me has been a process of growth in itself. Growing has meant being able to see beyond my own harmful narratives and realizing when I am trying to control the uncontrollable. The process of integrating the lessons learned and actually letting go and changing my attitude will be my evolution.

To evolve is to move from one state to another, to change an attitude, behavior, or purpose. It is the natural product of growing and learning, and it is a process that never stops. It is not about a relentless pursuit of being better, but about living in the present with awareness, honesty, and openness to possibilities, attentive to intuition, flowing, letting go, relaxed and cooperating with life.

Healing as we know it is obsolete. Now is the time to grearnvolve, to embrace our growth, learning, and evolution. It's time to embrace our innate ability to transform ourselves and flourish in the fullness of our being. Let's start this journey together, recognizing that constant change is our ally, and that by allowing ourselves to grow, learn, and evolve, we open ourselves to a life full of possibilities and freedom!

Until next Monday, in the meantime, back to grearnvolving 🦹🏻‍♀️.



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