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From Survival to Revival: A Tale of Transformation, Realization, and Birthday Celebration

Some of you may have noticed that I did not send out my weekly article on Monday, as has been my custom for the past 45 weeks. Let me tell you that my OCD side had a hard time breaking that consistency but it seemed appropriate to send it today, February 7, for several reasons... If I didn't know better, I would call them coincidences, but since I do know better, I call them synchronicities.


The first reason is that today, February 7, is my birthday. Yes, indeed, today is my birthday, my anniversary, the commemoration of my birth, like December 25th for Jesus, but today, for me. :) The second reason is that today, February 7, (in case the date is still unclear) is the birthday of none other than Mike Dooley, my great teacher and role model. Mike has published two articles of mine on his blog, and it occurred to me that if I tagged him today, maybe he would also publish me for being birthday twins ;). And the third reason, but not the least important, is the subject of the article: my rebirth.


I recently finished reading "You're not broken" by Christopher Duncan, a book that lit a fire within me, a light that my boyfriend had been trying to turn on for months. "You don't have to be healing all the time", he would tell me. And, although his words were clear, it wasn't until the words were reflected in the pages of this book that they truly sunk in. I realized that my constant state of "healing" was keeping me stuck, preventing me from moving toward a life fully lived. Healing and surviving had become my day-to-day, the "safe" thing to do according to my subconscious. How ironic. Healing to survive.


Now, thanks to Christopher Duncan, I understand, I see it as clear as water. I understand that "being safe" is much more than simply "not dying". And with that realization, I say goodbye and reintroduce myself. I leave behind the woman who survives and welcome the woman who lives. I make way for a new version of myself: alive, connected, cool, chill, successful, happy, fulfilled, confident, and perfectly aligned.


With a sigh of release and a smile of anticipation, like a snake, I change my skin but instead of skin it is my mindset, my vibration, my attention, I change my direction.
There are no more battles to fight, no more burdens to carry. This goodbye is not a see you later; it is a see you never, it is a new fire. A fire that sweeps away what no longer serves me, what holds me back. A fire that shines, illuminates and guides. 
I say goodbye to an identity that, although it brought me here, no longer has a place in my path, its departure is my destiny. With gratitude and appreciation, I thank her for her strength, honor her persistence, and so easily release her to come back to my true existence.
Goodbye, I say, to that version of myself that didn't feel enough, that had to achieve to prove her worth.
Goodbye, I say, to that version of me that felt she didn't belong and desperately wanted to feel accepted, sacrificing her self-worth, putting herself at risk, misaligning herself from her essence, to be accepted, all the while fearing being rejected.
Goodbye, I say, to that version of myself that felt safe only in her mind, analyzing, overthinking, searching blind.
Goodbye, I say, to that version of myself that believed that with control and power she would have certainty and did not see the contradiction, the addiction.
Goodbye, I say, to that version of myself, stuck in survival, perpetuating that reality with only herself as a rival.
Goodbye, I say, to that version of myself that wanted to fly but did not know how to let go. Goodbye forever.
Thank you for bringing us this far.
Now it's my turn.
Today I am born again.
Today I begin a new chapter.
Today I am free; to live, to relish, to laugh, to flow, to let go, to trust, to succeed and thrive, to relax and to stop searching, to simply enjoy.
Today I choose to live my true nature and purpose.
Today I choose to be the predominant creative force in my life.
Today I choose to live a life I love.
Today I choose health and vitality.
Today I choose peace of mind.
Today I choose abundance.
Today I choose love and trust.
Today I am my best version, today I am my dream come true, in my present, in my imagination, and in my mind, I am my own creation.


With all my love, from my new identity, I say goodbye, until next Monday ✌🏼.



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