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God Gave Me Two Hands So I Could High-Five Myself

God gifted me two hands. Why? So, I can high-five myself, of course! A gesture of self-congratulation, of affirmation. Some might need an extra hand for multitasking, but me? I use mine for the world's most enthusiastic solo celebration. I mean, who wouldn’t want to give themselves a good old pat on the back... or rather, a slap of the palm?

No one – and I mean no single person in this vast, intricate world – harbors the same dreams and desires as I do. Not my mother, not my father, not the father of my precious child, and, surprisingly, not even my own child. Not my business partners, not my colleagues with whom I share so much, not the clients I work tirelessly for.

To be genuinely happy, to achieve the success and financial freedom I envision, to have a life filled with purpose, and to find deeper meaning – I must undertake this journey on my own terms. I'm not implying that I'm entirely alone; there will be those who assist, support, or even guide me. Yet, the accountability, the responsibility for this pursuit, lies solely with me.

I alone bear the responsibility for my life's outcomes. In holding the reins of my life, I understand that I am the sole architect of my destiny. The foundation? My thoughts. They are the seeds that grow into emotions, powerful enough to cloud judgment and sway actions. But with awareness, I can discern their underlying messages, ensuring they align with my goals. When emotions surge, I don’t shun them; I embrace and understand them, transforming potential chaos into clarity. This clarity, in turn, lights up the path toward the life I envision.

It took me almost 35 years to realize this truth. I perpetually sought a partner in crime. More accurately, I was on a quest for someone to share the accountability, hoping to lighten the weight and burden of potential failures. Alas, it never worked out.

Throughout my formative years, I gathered numerous limiting beliefs. I relentlessly sought happiness externally, yearned for love and validation from others, and pursued a fleeting sense of satisfaction from material acquisitions. I searched for safety in relationships, identified myself through activities, and measured my worth through my body and achievements. In this maze of external seeking, I was, admittedly, lost, perplexed and so far away from my true self.

It wasn't until recent years that I discovered the truth. Everything I was searching for was within me all along. There was no need to craft it anew – only a need to reconnect with my soul, my spirit, my divine essence.

Today, I understand, know and feel that I'm never truly alone. I have myself and I'm in the company of something far greater than me, call it the Universe, God, divine intelligence, whatever name resonates with you. This divine force is ever-present, always guiding, supporting, and looking out for us.

With every breath, my faith strengthens. It reinforces the knowledge that I'm not alone in carrying this so-called 'burden' of my happiness and success (which, in reality, isn't a burden at all). As I play my part, which is an exhilarating and significant role, the Universe handles the intricacies. As Marilyn Jenett aptly puts it, “let the Universe take care of the how, and I will enjoy the wow, right NOW!”

So, yes, every single day, amidst life's ups and downs, I high-five myself. I applaud myself for the phenomenal work I put in, for taking my mess and turning it into my message, for elevating humanity through my words and experiences, and for aiding others in reaching their goals faster and with less pain than I did. I celebrate my transformation, the expansion of my consciousness, my relentless pursuit of self-improvement, and my continual evolution. The awareness that I'm not the same person I was 20, 10, 5 years ago, or even just yesterday, brings immense relief and contentment.

The profound and empowering realization that I am always accompanied by my higher self, comforts and empowers me. This ever-present force ensures I never feel truly alone. When fear attempts to shackle me, I retreat into the embrace of this higher power. In its nurturing presence, any discomfort or pain becomes a beacon, a ray of light breaking through my wounds, bringing with it healing and renewal. And when those moments of clarity, triumph, and understanding come, you bet I'm giving myself another high-five, and even a low-five and another high-five!

And now, dear reader, let me speak directly to you and tell you things nobody ever told to me. Just as I've walked my path, recognizing the solo journey and the responsibility that comes with it, I want to reassure you: You are not alone on yours. Embracing your accountability isn't a curse but rather a blessing, it is a precious opportunity, a chance to harness and showcase the unique superpowers that reside within you, a golden ticket to test the limits of your abilities.

Believe in your capacity to shape your destiny. While the past may carry pain and is unchangeable, we possess the power to choose how we interpret it and how we proceed. Remember, amid all the external noise, there's a guiding force within you – your higher self. As you move forward, embrace each day with the certainty that you are supported and cherished by forces both within and beyond. Dare to dream big, for all you desire is within your grasp. Actively pursue your dreams, allowing the universe to navigate the how’s, while you relish the in the wows. You truly deserve it and I am here cheering for you 🥳.



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