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Irrationally Joyful: The art of cultivating joy even when circumstances don't justify it

I recently heard this term and I loved it because it reflects exactly the situation I am living in at this moment in my life.

If you read my last article, you will remember that I talked about 3 teachings for the expansion of consciousness and one of them was to be in a state of joy most of the time.

However, in a world like the one we live in that doesn't happen organically, because one of the main collective beliefs is that happiness, joy, come after we have achieved something, accomplished something, climbed a step, checked something off our list.

The vast majority of human beings have been taught since childhood that in order to be happy we have to achieve certain goals, have certain things, have lived certain experiences and have to look a certain way.

To study a "good" career, to have a "good" job, a "good" salary, a "good" body, to marry "well", to have children, to form a "good" family. And then move up further in that "good" job, have a "better" salary, a "good" car, live in a "good" neighborhood, put the children in a "good" school, get "good" grades, get into a "good" university, and so the cycle repeats itself generation after generation.

Until someone realizes that despite that, they are not happy or are happy without it. Someone questions the collective beliefs and decides to forge their own beliefs and their own path. That someone was me.

I started on the path of a "good" career, went on to a "good" job, had a "good" salary, was moving up and on my way to study for a master's degree abroad, and despite this, I was not happy. I wasn't getting married at the same time as my friends, I wasn't having kids at the same time as my friends, I wasn't on my way or anywhere close to creating that "good" family, and despite that, I was happy.

So I started to question if that map previously drawn and followed by generations was the right one and I discovered that at least for me, it wasn't. And in my own path I have come across good and not so good people, highs and lows, challenges and blessings and throughout the process I have learned things that never crossed my mind, I have transformed my life, I have grown in quantum leaps and above all, I have reached moments (more and more and more and more) of full happiness.

The law of attraction says that like attracts like and we know that everything is energy, including us, and including our goals and our dreams. Our vibration is determined by the frequency of our thoughts and emotions and if our frequency is not similar to the frequency of our dreams, by law, we will not attract that into our life.

The key then is to constantly raise our vibration, to generate moments of joy through our thoughts and emotions, so that we can then vibrate at the same frequency as our dreams and manifest them.

That's when we want to be irrationally happy, when despite not having the evidence that justifies happiness, we know that all that evidence is coming our way because we are at the right point of attraction.

We were taught backwards and our lives were overcomplicated, with that collective programming, we were robbed of the freedom to decide, to choose to be happy BEFORE we had the "evidence" to be happy.

The good news is that we can each decide to reprogram ourselves and we can decide to choose to be happy now, to be irrationally happy.

Until next time, stay joyful 😎



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