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Living, Healing, and Sharing: A Journey of Transformation


I have been eager to share the experiences and growth my family and I have encountered as a system. I have repeatedly proposed this idea to them, but their lack of response, interest, and enthusiasm has left me feeling frustrated. However, I have come to realize that I don't need their participation to share our story (I do have their consent 😜 though). I am the one who aspires to write, and who is involved in healing and transforming lives. While my family members are also on their individual journeys of transformation and our collective family transformation, sharing our experiences is not their primary focus.

The central theme of our story is healing as a family. We have been walking the path of elevating our vibrations, expanding our consciousness, and transforming our lives together. Each of us has been on this journey for varying lengths of time, with different levels of depth, and we have chosen the tools that resonate best with us, ranging from AA to psychedelics, from family talk therapy to systemic constellations.

This process has been challenging, requiring us to unlearn old patterns and create space for the new. It has demanded humility and letting go of what no longer serves us. It has been a confrontational and uncomfortable process.

In addition to our personal healing, my brother has taken the initiative to connect with extended family members. He has made significant efforts to bring us all together through physical and virtual reunions, WhatsApp chats, and in-person gatherings. These interactions have fostered closer relationships, opened up long-silent family issues for discussion, and initiated healing within our larger family system.

Recently, I participated in a family constellation alongside my mother, brother, sister, and a newly discovered great aunt who shares the same name as my grandmother and myself. The experience of constellating as a family was immensely powerful. It not only facilitated our individual healing but also allowed us to participate in the healing of others. The synergy and vibration created by being together in that space were truly transformative.

[If you don’t know what a family constellation is, check out what Wikipedia says here or if you learn better from Netflix, here].

There is much to share, such as reconnecting with my father after his absence from our family for nearly 25 years. He now desires to be part of our lives both physically and emotionally. However, I will delve into these stories at the appropriate time.

For now, let us focus on the importance of healing as human beings, particularly as parents. Healing with the intention of passing on a lighter energetic burden to our children or, ideally, no burden at all. We want to provide them with a clean slate, free from the subconscious programming that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Now that I have gained knowledge and awareness about how the rules and truths of the world, life, my mind, and my reality, it is my right and responsibility to heal myself for the sake of my daughter and future generations. It is my turn to heal, both for myself and for my ancestors who didn't know better. It is time to let go of whatever hinders my default setting as a human being, which is to thrive. This is my opportunity to create the life I desire.

This is the greatest gift I can offer my children.

The recipe for healing is simple, but the process itself can be challenging. We are all energy—our thoughts, feelings, words, bodies, and environments. When we work with this energy, a ripple effect occurs. Things start to stir, people move, emotions shift, and some may become uncomfortable, even painful. Yet, every second of this journey is worth it.

Then the magic begins, or rather, becomes more apparent to our human eyes. Feelings of awe and disbelief arise, followed by a deep inner knowing that brings relief and strengthens our faith. Tangible manifestations start to occur—deals are closed, relationships blossom, goals are achieved, dreams come true, and peace surrounds us.

Just as we begin to feel stable, life throws new challenges our way, and the cycle restarts. We embark on this process repeatedly, with more people joining, facing greater demons, and healing on increasingly profound levels. Suddenly, everyone around us is better and happier.

We have finally reached our destination: a purposeful, meaningful, happy, and abundant journey here on Earth. We walk this path together as a family, armed with the right mindset, rooted in love— learning, growing, transforming, and sharing.

Join me on this extraordinary journey and witness the power of healing, learning, growth, and transformation. Perhaps this is the inspiration you or someone you know needed to embark on their own journey. If it resonates, please share it!

Dankeschön (thank you very much).

Linda, fifth of my name (that I know of yet 🤓).



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