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Ode to Mother-Daughter Love: Reflections from the Heart

Dear readers,

Today is a special day as I'm about to share a letter that comes straight from the depths of my heart. During 38 years I've experienced ups and downs, joy and sorrow, but nothing has impacted my life more profoundly than the moment my daughter, Sharon, came into this world. So, without further ado, I invite you to join me on a journey of unconditional love, as I share the letter I wrote to my almost three-year-old daughter and invite you to reflect on your own parenthood.

To My Dearest Sharon,
If I ever had any doubt about my life’s direction, about the experiences I lived, about the masks I’ve worn, about the mistakes I’ve made, about the pain I’ve endured, about the challenges I’ve overcome, about the tears I’ve cried, about the injustices I’ve suffered, about any and every single thing gone through, one look at you and it all makes absolute sense.
Your mere existence, your presence in my life, our choice, our pact to take on the roles we have as mother and daughter provide me with crystal clear clarity that this is the way it was always meant to be.
Your presence in my life gives purpose to every single second lived.
Out of all the roles I have and will continue to have as I continue on my journey as a soul on earth, by far, the best one, the main one, the one that holds all the other ones together is being your mother.
I want to express my profound gratitude for showing me what it is to love unconditionally and what if feels to be loved unconditionally. There is definitely no love that can be compared to this one. To the love a mother has for her daughter. A beautiful testament of our essence as spiritual beings.
It is through you and with you that I learn every single day how to become the best version of myself, and it is my duty and my commitment to you never to strive for anything less than the absolute best version of myself.
You remind me of how amazing life is perceived through the eyes of a child, and your company allows me to be that child myself once more. Because of you, I get to experience a new version of childhood, one that is brighter and that is chosen by me thanks to the wisdom acquired throughout the years I’ve lived here before you.
I want you to know that I will always be here for you, to support you, to love you, and to be your guide on this journey called life. As you grow and explore the world, I will be by your side, celebrating your triumphs and holding you in difficult times.
You are my greatest joy, my greatest pride, and my greatest love. I cannot imagine my life without you, and every day I feel more blessed to have you as my daughter.
I love you with all my heart, Sharon, now and forever.

So, my fellow brave parents, as we continue on this journey of parenthood, we often encounter challenges and obstacles that test our strength and resilience. In those moments when life feels overwhelming and doubts creep in, we can find solace and motivation by simply looking at our children. They are our compass, our guiding light, and the source of immense strength.

When we face hardships, we can draw inspiration from our kids, knowing that we must keep moving forward for their sake. They deserve to have parents who are strong and determined, leading them through life's twists and turns with love and unwavering support.

During times of pain and sorrow, we can see the world through our children's eyes. Their innocent wonder and joy can remind us of the beauty that still exists even amidst the darkness. Their smiles can be a healing balm for our wounded souls, lifting us up and giving us the strength to persevere.

In moments when we find ourselves dwelling in the past, we can take advantage of the opportunity to relive our own childhood through a new perspective. Our children offer us a chance to heal old wounds and let go of past traumas. By being present and attentive parents, we can create a safe and loving environment for them, free from the burdens of our own unresolved issues.

When we fear the uncertainty of the future, we must remember that our fears can be felt by our children. It is our responsibility to find calmness within ourselves, to take a deep breath, and to reassure them that everything will be alright. We are their guides, and they look up to us for comfort and stability. Let us be the calm in their storm and provide them with the strength and confidence to face whatever comes their way.

At times, our children may appear to be against us, challenging our patience and pushing our buttons. In these moments, we can choose to look inward and explore the wounds that are being triggered from our past. Our children are not here to frustrate us but to teach us. They are mirrors reflecting back the areas where we need to grow and heal. Let us be grateful for these opportunities for growth and continue to work on ourselves, so we can be the best versions of ourselves for them.

Our children are truly remarkable beings. They have a way of touching our lives in ways we could never imagine. They serve as constant reminders to be better, to strive for more, and to love unconditionally. They are the driving force behind our desire to become the best parents we can be.

So, parenting comrades, let us cherish every moment with our children and embrace the lessons they bring into our lives. Let us be grateful for the gift of parenthood and take on the responsibility of guiding them with love, patience, and understanding. Together, we can create a brighter future for our children and ourselves.

With all my love and support,

Linda 🌸



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