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Reflections of stories, victims, villains, and superheroes: The (Healing) Art of Rewriting Narratives and Redefining Realities

I have heard countless times that "let bygones be bygones". Others have said it, I have said it, I have sung it, I have read it; in my brain it is completely engraved. "The past is past, we can't change it". "What was has already been". There are many ways of saying it, all of them have passed through my mouth, through my ears and have remained in my mind.


Throughout my life, I have met many people who cling to their sad stories, buy into their role, practice it until they embody it and become the victim of their own soap opera. 100% of these people do not realize that they themselves are their own obstacle by perpetuating the very same sad reality that they lived in their past and that has become their present and will probably continue to be their future (unless they do something about it).


This is the problem of not knowing how our mind works. When we don't know under what rules and guidelines it operates, it ends up working against us, sponsoring self-sabotage.


People who fall into victimhood fail to open their minds to understand and accept that everyone is the creator of their own reality. They cannot see it (or do not want to see it) because it does not suit them. They may pretend and make it seem that being a victim is something they dislike and feel uncomfortable with; however, everything we live, feel and think has a hidden benefit, and it is precisely this benefit that makes everything that apparently bothers them remain the same.


One of the hidden benefits of adopting the role of the victim is to have a justification and a "valid" reason for failure, someone to blame for the fact that challenges have not been met, goals have not been achieved and dreams have not been fulfilled. Having someone to blame removes self-responsibility, if not all of it, at least lightens the burden. And not taking responsibility for one's own reality covers the guilt and shame one feels for not being where one wants to be. Guilt and shame, in turn, have another hidden role.


People who identify themselves as victims do not know the power of their mind, do not know that their thoughts are creative, they do not know that they can build the life of their dreams, they do not even know that they can dream, or do not dare to dream, or feel that they do not deserve that which they do not dare to dream. They simply don't know that anything is possible.


Those people then most likely feel anger, depression, apathy, frustration, jealousy, envy, resentment, shame, guilt, among other low energy emotions. And since like attracts like, they only attract more of the same, more anger, more depression, apathy, frustration, etc.


And therefore they become the perfect target, a soft and easy mark, the ideal victim, fertile ground for fear and doubt. They are easily manipulated, they are implanted with false ideas, which become limiting beliefs and thoughts.


As in every story, we always want there to be a villain. Someone to blame. But who could benefit from that situation? Who would want many people to not know that they are super-powerful? Who doesn't want people to know that we are born with the only tool we need to be free to do what we love? Who would want to use our own minds against us? Why aren't we taught from kindergarten how to use our thoughts to create our ideal reality?


There are several potential villains we can blame for keeping us ignorant of our creative and powerful nature... governments, politicians, the education system, religious institutions, big industries and the corporations that represent them, capitalism, alleged elite groups like Bilderberg, socialists, communists, terrorists, pharmaceuticals, the media, the entertainment industry, narcos.


Choose the villain that most suits you, or let's condemn them all, but if we are going to point fingers and lay blame, let it be with the intention of finding the motivation to turn around the victimhood and ignorance of what we are really capable of doing and achieving. Let anger motivate us to get out of where we are, to get so uncomfortable that it becomes unbearable to stay stuck there. Let us open our minds and hearts to any opportunity to change our reality. Because from there we can then take responsibility and take control of our lives.


And once we take responsibility, what's next? To understand that part of the problem is to keep telling, both to others and to ourselves, the same sad story that we lived in the past. To keep living from that version of ourselves. Our mind does not distinguish between what happens outside and what happens within it, so let's choose a new version of our past, write a new present and make the dreamed future a reality.


As we rewrite the past, let us release what was with all the emotions we once felt, let us release the longing, the mourning, the loss and the pain of what was not, let us release all the repressed emotions and their hidden benefits and let us be left with only the new narrative.


This is mine:

I grew up in a happy family, with loving and present, involved and attentive parents.I felt happy, protected, safe and supported, cared for and adored.I felt part of a whole bigger than myself, in which my role was important, as was my voice. I had many friends with whom I could be authentically myself. I vibrated mainly in love, as is the nature of children. 
I was a compassionate, understanding and friendly child. Everything was always easy for me. People around me naturally gravitated towards me because they loved being with me so much. I was funny, intelligent, responsible, caring, also daring and courageous. I achieved everything I set my mind to, everything came easily to me, everything went well, everything always fell into place. Those who did not know the laws of the mind said that I was a very lucky girl. I was a blessed and grateful child. 
And so I became an independent and self-sufficient adult, self-confident, with high self-esteem. Ambitious, focused, clear in my priorities and always grateful. Kind and smiling. Connected with my intuition. I became a strong and loving woman, intelligent, funny, with a great sense of humour. I found my purpose and I am fortunate to exercise it every day, doing what I love and loving what I do. Serving and helping. I have health, abundance and lots of love. I have people around me who love me, seek me, listen to me, support me, celebrate my life and share their happiness with me. I am a mother, wife, sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, niece, student, teacher, messenger, partner. And above all, I am very happy. 

And you... What is your story? What do you want or need to rewrite? What do you need to let go of? What version of yourself do you want to hold on to?

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