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Stepping Into the Unknown: Making Real Change in the New Year

As the year draws to a close, a sense of optimism takes hold. It’s a time when many of us craft resolutions with determination, believing deeply that this will be the year of change. This year, we'll frequent the gym, find love, increase our earnings, and shed those extra pounds... But then, February arrives, and we're back to our old ways.

Why does this pattern repeat itself? The answer lies not in treating symptoms but in addressing the root cause. Joe Dispenza eloquently states that to initiate genuine transformation, we must "break the habit of being ourselves".

Our personality, woven from our thoughts, feelings, and actions, shapes our personal reality. To alter this reality, we must redefine our personality. This means starting with our thoughts, which ignite feelings, prompt actions, leading to results. For new outcomes, we need a fresh mindset that fosters positive emotions, propelling us towards constructive actions, and thereby sculpting a new reality. Whether it's a fitter physique, a loving relationship, or greater wealth, it’s about realizing our New Year’s resolutions.

In the realm of health, this transformation can lead to remission, where the disease becomes a relic of a former self. High-vibration emotions like joy and gratitude can catalyze this change. However, change is seldom easy. Our addiction to low-vibration emotions due to the hormones they release makes unfamiliarity uncomfortable. But as we embark on the journey into the unknown, we must embrace this discomfort.

The correlation between our life circumstances, thoughts, feelings, and physical health is increasingly recognized, even by medical professionals. We're aware of the 'what,' but now we must grasp the 'how.' How do we redefine our personalities? How do we rewire our minds?

Thoughts and feelings, the languages of the brain and body, respectively, can trap us in a cycle of negativity if we dwell on past problems. And our minds and bodies can’t tell time, so if we are thinking and feeling low-vibration thoughts and emotions because we are focusing on past problems, our minds and bodies will respond to those thoughts and feelings as if that problem is happening now.

By focusing solely on physical well-being through diets or exercise without addressing our mental state, we miss the root of the issue. Conversely, individuals who may not fit the archetype of health enthusiasts but maintain a positive outlook often enjoy robust health and vitality. It's about prioritizing the inner work.

Meditation means becoming familiar with. With what? Our inner world, the unconscious programming is 95% of who we are. So, meditation is a moment where in silence, without focusing on external things such as our phones, other people, and events, our minds start that subconscious programming that we can then pay attention to and bring into awareness.

It’s about uncovering unconscious thought patterns that harm us, recognizing the source of our negative emotions, and taking responsibility for them. Stop blaming our parents, our boss, our job, and the economy and be accountable to ourselves for the thoughts we are thinking. By consciously choosing to cultivate new, positive thoughts and feelings, even if they initially feel forced, we set the stage for profound change. We being changing our personality and thus, our personal reality.

To ensure this year’s resolutions transcend mere intentions, start with the inner transformation. Become acquainted with your unconscious programming through meditation and mindfulness. And in those moments start practicing thinking new thoughts and generating new feelings. Become very familiar with those new feelings. How does it feel to have the life of your dreams? How does it feel to be healthy? How does it feel to be wealthy? Become a master of generating those emotions and feelings by thinking the right thoughts and allowing the magic to happen.

The aim is to become masters of generating those feelings that might seem inadequate in your present moment so that you can create the reality that would naturally evoke those feelings. Allow this new familiarity to lead to actions that reflect your desired reality. This isn't just a new chapter; it's a new narrative. Let this year be the one where change isn’t just a wish, but a reality sculpted by your own hands. 

All the best from this me to this you, a few weeks before the creation of a new me and a new you! ✌🏼



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