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Striptease of the Soul: Confessions of a Life in Transition

Every week, as I sit down to write for my blog, my intention is always to share something valuable, something that enriches the lives of those who read me. But this week was different. I found myself lost, unsure what to talk or write about. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday passed, and my mind remained blank. However, on Friday, an internal dialogue shook me with overwhelming clarity: "Linda, share your truth, your experiences. Stop talking just about your past and talk about the present." And here I am, sharing my raw reality with you.


A few years ago, after flirting with various careers that filled my wallet but not my heart, I discovered my true passion and purpose in life: personal development, a hobby I had cultivated for over two decades. The discovery was a gift, a blessing that changed my life and filled me with indescribable peace. But let me be honest, the path has not always been made of rainbows and flowers.

Starting over in a different industry, in a new city, without community, family, or close friends, has been a monumental challenge. Bank calls have become a disheartening constant, reminding me that the stable and certain income I sacrificed to follow my passion now translates into mountains of debt that sometimes seem insurmountable. This financial loneliness is compounded by living in a house that is not mine, where I have no control over who comes and when, how I arrange or decorate my space. Every day is an emotional rollercoaster, filled with ups and downs, but also with profound teachings about my value and purpose.
 In addition to financial and independence challenges, motherhood has presented its own trials. The mistakes I make as a mother fill me with guilt; however, my openness to vulnerability and recognizing my humanity have allowed me to learn and improve. And in those moments when uncertainty hugs me so tightly that I feel I can't breathe, I think about the alternatives, about the life I had before, and I am grateful to be where I am, despite the sacrifices, which under this context cease to be sacrifices and become choices I make every day.

 I have seen myself reflected in the mirror of my own thoughts, learning to value myself not for the material, but for who I am, how I serve, how I love, and how I persist in the face of adversity. This journey has taught me to be authentic with myself and others, to stop pretending that everything is perfect and to show myself vulnerable.


Every day I choose to be brave, to persist, to believe in myself. And although it is difficult, especially when I see that my efforts do not always reflect immediate results or when loneliness hits me hard, I remember that every step I take is guided by a conscious decision to follow my purpose.


The reality is that pursuing our dreams, staying true to our passion when we have discovered it, is the best investment we can make in ourselves. Despite the challenges, doubts, and uncertainties, I know I am on the right path because it is the one I have chosen and choose every day.


Being real, being raw, being myself, is how I want to connect with you. Not for the sympathy that this might trigger in some, but for empathy, for the possibility to inspire others to also show themselves authentic, to face their own challenges with bravery and determination, regardless of what others might say and without feeling that we have to hide until we reach our goals or perfection. It's important to say that you are not alone in your struggles, that we all face internal and external battles, but it is our response to these struggles that truly defines our character and our future, and from honesty, we can accompany and help each other better than from appearances.


So, as I write this, I understand that what's important is not just to teach or share knowledge; it's to demonstrate how that knowledge is applied in real life, how every day is a choice of thoughts, attitudes, and actions that lead us to fully live our purpose. And if today only ten people read this, I hope that at least one feels touched, inspired, and less alone on their path.

This is my truth, this is my soul striptease. Sharing myself with you, raw and sincerely, is my way of teaching, connecting, being useful, serving. I am grateful to each of you for being part of this journey, for reading me, for allowing me to be part of your lives and for supporting me on my path. Together, we can choose to be our best selves, every day, no matter the obstacles we face.

 I will continue sharing, not only my wisdom and learnings, definitely not only my successes, but also my challenges, the highs and the lows because that is what we are: human beings in constant evolution, learning, growing, and choosing our path, step by step. Thank you for being here, for listening, for believing in me, but above all, thank you for believing in yourself and for being part of this group that some may call crazy. And remember that when the crazies are the majority, the “sane” will be the oddity.

Sending love, gratitude and blessings to everyone out there 🫶🏻🙏🏻🦋.



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