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The kryptonite that attacks humans.

All human beings have the power of manifestation, the power to build the reality we want using our thoughts. And like all superheroes, there is also a kryptonite that can defeat us.

This is not just any kryptonite, it is not green, it doesn't glow and we are not instantly weakened when we come into contact with it. The kryptonite that threatens us goes unnoticed; it sneaks into our thoughts like humidity in the the time we become aware of its presence, the damage has been done.

Rarely are we aware that we were the cause of the defeat and in trying to find a "valid" reason or justification for our failure, we blame others and the circumstances of life.

But the truth is that the responsibility is not out there, there is nothing and no one to blame, if the kryptonite invades me it is because I let it.

What then is this dangerous and terrifying kryptonite?

Not other than DOUBT. The doubt that we are super-powerful, doubt that our thoughts are the origin of our reality, doubt that everything is available to us, doubt that our dreams can come true.

Now, knowing that I have absolute control of my thoughts, I know that if thoughts of doubt arise in my mind, it is because I allow them, I am the one who is thinking them. And I am the one who can decide to stop, displace and eliminate them.

Quoting Peter Parker's (a.k.a Spiderman) wise uncle:

"with great power, comes great responsibility" .

So just like Spiderman I accept my power and assume my responsibility. And in the spirit of the new year, for 2023 I have only one resolution: to eliminate doubt from my thoughts completely... well maybe two resolitions, also that my daughter sleeps through the night 😬.

Losing the certainty that my superpower is real and works is self sabotage. I can't blame anyone for that, that's why it's called self-sabotage. But it's not about blaming because blame doesn't do me any good, the goal is to take action toward eliminating doubt.

I detect doubt, I correct, forgive myself and start again. I detect another doubt, I correct again, forgive myself again and start again. And so on for the rest of my life.

What do you think? Please comment 🤓.



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