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The Secret of the century: How Dancing Out of an Argument can free your Soul.

Recently, I was navigating my day when an innocuous conversation with someone close took an unforeseen twist. We began discussing my business, drawing parallels with similar ventures, and before I realized it, we were deep in a heated argument.

In hindsight, it's evident: my ego had seized the wheel. I found myself defensively justifying each point, even when they merely reflected personal views.

Following the confrontation, I felt... off. You know that unsettling feeling where externally you seem super cool, but internally you're making a face like something smells of rotten egg? That was me. And the sharp awareness of this emotional maze, combined with my inability to free myself from it, bothered me more than the spat itself.

"I shouldn't feel like this," I mused.

Immediately, I did what most women would in such a scenario: I called my friend and unleashed an emotional whirlwind. Ironically, her feedback mirrored what I had shared with her just the day before.

Just a day ago, I had an epiphany about the importance of elevating my vibration. While I’m adept at switching negative thoughts to positive ones, I recognized that there wasn't always alignment with my vibration, leaving a discrepancy between my mind and heart, which bred a touch of imposter syndrome. Thoughts alone aren’t enough to manifest desires. Emotions, which invariably follow our thoughts, are the true linchpin of successful manifestation.

In the tempest of my previous disagreement, reshaping my thoughts wasn’t cutting it. My logical mind reasoned,

”It's just an opinion. Don’t take it personally.”

But my ego, the designated driver of the hour, resisted.

That's when my friend's timely, wise words arrived:

"Linda, elevate your vibration!"

Something clicked within me, and I sprang into action. I dived into memories of past joys, dancing and singing enthusiastically with my 3-year-old daughter, who, without questioning, joyfully joined in. Within moments, my vibration soared, paving the way to clarity. Now, the logical attire of "don't take it personally” fit me perfectly.

That's the crux. Emotions are more potent than logic. You must first dissipate the heavy emotions to pave the way for reason. And elevating my vibration did precisely that.

The beauty is, all of this took merely five minutes. Reflecting on the experience, I marveled at its simplicity. But it also left me pondering why hardly anyone knows how to do this willingly. Why is it that most, either consciously or unconsciously, choose to operate from their ego instead of their soul? And why do we only value things that are "hard"? Why do we equate difficulty with worth when real beauty and power lie in simplicity?

So, to my beloved and loyal readers, you know who you are (and I do too 😉), let me recommend this to you with all my love, the next time negativity engulfs you, remember to elevate your vibration. Think of a joyful memory. Relive it. Engage your body: dance, sing, or even shout—get moving. Jump with emotion. And once you genuinely feel elevated, that's when you engage in a dialogue with your logical mind, which presents the optimal route out of your pit.

It's simple. It's potent. Give it a try and please share your experiences. You never know whose heart your words might touch or whom you might inspire.

Signing off with high vibes 🙌🏻.



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