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Today is Day 1 of Student of Earth.

I am very excited to write my first article with the vision and the intention of making my blog go viral.

And now I'll tell you a little bit about it....

This blog is a "messy" way to share absolutely everything I learn. Every idea that impacts me, every book that amazes me, every learning I internalize, every aha moment I live.

What I want to and will share here with all of you has everything to do with the most philosophical questions we've heard and asked ourselves over time, such as:

What is my purpose in life?

Who am I?

What am I?

How and where do I find happiness?, among many, many others.

Aprendiendo de mi maestra la vida.
Point of View

The difference is that my approach is simple, science-based, pragmatic, digested, sometimes funny 😜 and applicable to everyday life.

As I mentioned, I would love and hope that my content goes viral, that it reaches everyone's eyes in every corner of the world, that it becomes a grain of sand in the transformation of humanity because part of my mission here on earth is to contribute to the expansion and elevation of the collective consciousness.

I'd tell you to expect a new article every "x", but as I said, it is a "messy" way of sharing. I will write whenever I can, and have something important to share. I hope not to overwhelm you with too much amazing information 🫣.

Inspiration comes from my main teacher, life, where every moment there is something to learn. Living in the present, being present in every moment is the greatest teacher of all. Not for nothing is it called "present" (as in gift). And to go deeper into any topic I have Google 🤓 and books, courses, podcasts, masterclasses, etc. Thanks to these teachers I now know Marisa Peer, Vishen Lakhiani, Joe Dispenza, Bruce Lipton (the author, not the tea), Gabor Maté, Dr. Shefali, Napoleon Hill, Raimón Samsó, these being the most present in my present.

I highly recommend you to read my blog because I know you will learn interesting things, in one way or another, it will give you something to talk about. Maybe for some it will be their cup of tea and they will want to share it with all their loved ones, and for others it will be their source of hate that they will want to share to say "can you believe this crap?". Whatever it is, share it.

And to end this welcome note, I leave you with a little taste of it...

The other day I was doing the same thing we all do every day at some point of the day (no, it's not 💩).... I was scrolling through my Instagram and suddenly I come across a Live from two of my heroes, Dr. Gabor Maté (amazing teacher, we'll talk about him later) and Dr. Edith Eva Eager, or as we fondly call her, Dr. Edie, author of "The Choice" and "The Gift".

Years ago I had the privilege of knowing her and having her close to my life, besides being my therapist, she became my friend, part of my family.

For those who don't know much about her, she was a dancer, survived the holocaust as a teenager, and years after immigrating to the United States she became a therapist. She is a great human being who is now 95 years old and continues to teach and share her wisdom. She currently teaches online courses, does lives on instagram, travels the world giving talks and lectures, does interviews with Oprah, and is writing her third book focused on teens and young adults.

The last thing I learned about her was in the Live I told you about. They were talking about forgiveness and Dr. Edie said, "Forgiveness is not forgiving the other person for what they did to me; forgiveness is letting go of that part of me that judges the other person for what they did to me. Forgiveness is releasing myself from that negative charge. I forgive you for me, not for you." Read it again but slowly, it is important to understand this idea.

This new approach to forgiveness resonates more with me. It makes more sense to me. I choose to forgive with love and compassion, to free myself.

What do you think?

(Enrichment comes from dialogue, not monologue). Please share your thoughts.



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