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“What would she do?” The Single Most Powerful Question That Can Change Your Whole Day and Transform your Life

Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads, wondering, "What would my hero do?" It could be a movie character, a mentor, or even a wise grandmother whose footsteps we aspire to follow in moments of indecision. But today, I’m taking a fresh spin on this classic conundrum, bringing it closer to home with a question that has become my mantra: "What would the Linda of my desired reality do?"


Indeed, you read that correctly. Rather than seeking guidance from external sources, I've begun to consult an inward vision of myself, one that resides in a future filled with my accomplished dreams. This journey isn't a mere daydream; it's transformed into a potent mechanism for self-evolution and manifestation. Allow me to share how this introspective inquiry has become a pivot point for personal transformation.

To genuinely understand what actions my future self would take in any scenario, it's crucial to have an unequivocal grasp of her identity.
Who is she at her core?
What beliefs fuel her thoughts and actions?
What achievements define her?
Where does she find her home?
What does she look like?
Who are the people she surrounds herself with?
How does she express herself?
Diving deep into these questions not only brings her to life in my mind but also enables me to embody her essence to the fullest.

 So, how did I acquaint myself with this future Linda? Following a friend's unconventional yet insightful suggestion, I embarked on a creative exercise: drawing a picture of myself. And let me clarify from the outset—it's a stick figure. Yet, this rudimentary sketch serves as an avant-garde symbol of my future self (wink wink), surrounded by words that capture her essence: bestselling author, serene and ever-present, kind, deeply introspective, and innately connected with her intuition, to name a few.

This combination of a visual and verbal manifesto has made it astonishingly straightforward to tap into her mindset, emotions, and, critically, her actions. It's akin to having a personalized guide to my aspired reality, navigating me through the present's trials and tribulations.


The real magic emerges when you commit to living as your future self. The adages "be it until you become it" and "fake it till you make it" transcend catchy maxims; they unlock the door to realizing our full potential. My mentors have echoed a vital lesson: the essence of manifesting our dreams lies in feeling as if they've already come to fruition. This concept, though challenging, has become attainable for me.

With a vivid image of my future self in mind, her decisions become my compass, directing my choices towards the life I desire and enabling me to authentically experience the emotions of that reality.


Consider the morning dilemma of the snooze button. When faced with the urge to linger in bed, I simply ask, "What would she do?"—referring to myself in my ideal state. The response is swift and motivating: she would energetically tackle her morning workout, recognizing the discipline required to maintain her physique through exercise and a balanced diet.


This approach extends beyond superficial decisions to more significant life choices, such as contemplating a return to Mexico City despite previous reasons for departure. Viewing this decision through her lens brings clarity and peace, allowing me to embrace the beauty and offerings of my birthplace, affirming that my happiness and peace are not location-bound.

This method of self-reflection is more than a decision-making aid; it's a dynamic force of motivation. By consulting my future self, I'm not merely speculating; I'm aligning my actions with my deepest aspirations. Any deviation becomes a deliberate act of self-sabotage, heightening my awareness and making denial a less viable option.

 To my dear readers embarking on this journey alongside me, I encourage you to visualize and embody your future selves. When uncertainty or temptation arises, ponder what this version of you would do. Such a simple question can precipitate significant transformation, edging you closer to your dreams with every choice.


Let’s not merely fantasize about our future selves; let's begin living as them today. The journey of transformation starts with one question: What would the you of your desired reality do?

From my future self to yours, well done!!! 👏🏻💪🏻 Keep going, dreaming and enjoying the fruits of your effort!



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