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When Doubt Shadows Your Steps

You might have found yourself staring at life’s clock, wondering, "when will my moment come?" If you've ever felt that despite doing everything "right," the universe seems to be lagging in its promises to you, I understand. I, too, have been there, in that limbo of uncertainty where the tick-tock mocks my patience.


We live in a world where time seems to be the ultimate judge of our successes and failures. But what happens when achievements don't arrive in the timeframe we budgeted for? Is it an indicator of failure, or are we simply learning the virtue of patience? 

As someone who lives on the edge of expectations and reality, I’ve ridden this carousel of doubt more times than I can count. Right now, I’m at a professional stage where I'm ready to soar, to impact millions with my passion and message. Yet, at this moment, those millions are merely dozens. The 'likes' come from my close circle, and the attendees at my courses can be counted on one hand.
I aspire to be for others that teacher, that guide, that coach that I would have wanted for myself. And I firmly believe that my journey, my constant search for knowledge, and my dedication over more than 3.5 years, have a lot to offer. But how do you keep faith when the echo of your words seems to get lost in the void?

 The key lies in looking back, not to stay in the past, but to recognize the progress. So, when doubt assails me, I ask myself three simple questions:

1. Am I better than yesterday?
2. Have I progressed more than a month ago?
3. Am I a wiser version than I was a year ago?

These questions are my anchor, the proof that, even if the results are not immediate, I am on the right path. Because, at the end of the day, it's not about how much we've achieved, but about how much we've grown.

Letting go of control isn't easy; it's an art I practice every day. Trust and faith are the companions I invite to my table when impatience wants to devour the feast before it's time.

 And to you, dear reader, who might find yourself at a similar crossroads, wondering, "When will my goals be fulfilled?" I offer this thought: The process, though sometimes invisible, is underway. We may not always control the 'when,' but we can manage the 'how' we live in the meantime.


On this journey, let’s choose to tell the story that makes us feel best, the one that reminds us we are doing the right thing, even if the applause hasn't yet echoed in the theater of our dreams.

Remember, success isn't always measured by the harvest we reap but by the seeds we plant and how we water them each day. So, while we wait, why not enjoy the sunshine and trust that the rain will come in its own time?

 Let's trust the process, our capacity, and the certainty that what is meant for us will find its way, not by force, but by the nature of one aligned with their purpose. And when that moment comes, we will be ready to receive it, not because we controlled the time, but because we knew how to live it.


Until then, I invite you to pause, to breathe, and to ask yourself: Are you living your process with love and patience? Because, in the end, that's what really counts.


For now, with faith and patience, from my path to yours, I send you a warm hug and a cordial Shalom. 👋🏻



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